A design studio making fresh things

Fleksibel Studios is a design studio focused on illustration. We understand and identify the needs of your brand and deliver something fresh, crisp and original to suit your purpose – digital as well as analog.

Fleksibel Studios was built in 2018 with the goal of merging visual exploration in different medias, with different tools and context – always with the clients’ needs in mind.

Fleksibel Studios works on a campaign level, strategizing and delivering the best possible visual goods for your brand. 


We’ve got ideas and rich concepts. Ideas are the currency of the 21th century. 

Let’s bring ours to the table and get your feedback.


We do our best to understand the needs, history and positioning of your company and align the finished work with your brand identity from start to finish.

Better yet, we help build it. 


We execute on the ideas and deliver an end-product of the highest quality for your purposes and needs. 

Both analog and digital. 

What you'll get

Visual Identity

 Your visual identity is how you appeal to the rest of the world. Let’s make it fresh, modern, coherent and aligned across your communication and platforms.


Whatever you need, we can draw it. Our studio ranges a huge spectrum of different styles for different needs. Icons, illustrations, characters, maps, vector or pixels – it doesn’t matter.. we bring the visual goods. 


Let’s make it big. Spray paint or brushes. Indoors or outdoors. Huge murals or an empty square in the office kitchen, we are always up for a visual challenge that fits your needs and aesthetics. 


Sign Painting

Do you need a sign or some unique lettering? We’ve got you covered. Combining the old craft of sign painting with modern aesthetics to suit your brand, we can create logos in a grand scale or write on the materials of your liking. 

Selected clients & partners